[9:40 PM, 3/29/2019] Soh Wei Yu: Now I’m walking.. absolutely no self /Self/agency at all.. and the pce [i.e. the vivid radiance of anatta that 'makes' everything like a wondrous paradise is now my unbroken state] is still there as before but the main characteristic that stands out now is not the radiance but the walking is just infinitude of the universe as the seamless activity.. in the absence of an agent/self/Self there is just this
[9:42 PM, 3/29/2019] Soh Wei Yu: [And also the experience comes with a] Very still mind.. except when writing this
[9:42 PM, 3/29/2019] John Tan: Yes don't focus, relax and be light. No self, no center. Don't over do. Learn a somatic technique.
[9:52 PM, 3/29/2019] Soh Wei Yu: yea this cosmic sense of centerless ness is different from focused kind of pce.. it’s like pce is already natural here and makes no sense to focus more.. the cosmic sense of Maha does not require focusing but complete opening without self/Self/agent... it created no tension in my head at all
[9:55 PM, 3/29/2019] John Tan: Yes
[9:57 PM, 3/29/2019] John Tan: Just centerless and without background, light and immense. No focus no concentration. Natural and free.
[9:57 PM, 3/29/2019] John Tan: And master a somatic technique to release ur body and any form of energy imbalance.
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Go.Go discover immortality.When extreme suffering,illness and death strike with full force,no amt of noself and voidness will help,only by entering the immortal realm is the real solution to samsara is finally found.

  2. Soh Says:

    Just like AF Richard, I have completely ended the delusion of immortality 8+ years ago. http://www.actualfreedom.com.au/richard/articles/abriefpersonalhistory.htm

    Don't waste your time telling me about immortality, that delusion is irreversibly seen through.

    I wish you well on your journey, there is no point in my conversing with you any more.