Meditation tip:
If you are sleepy, you can try chanting the Oooommmmmm mantra slowly and many times. This will raise your vibrational and energy frequency and bring you to a state of wakeful and alert pure Presence. It can also be a doorway to Maha total exertion, where the chanting vibrates as the universe.
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Someone sent me this article. This article is a good article at explaining emptiness teachings, with the added caveat by Thusness/John Tan, "Yeah but what is important is know that relativity has a taste like earth, water, air, space and fire that we mistaken them concrete things. We also only see "relative and relations" as conceptual thought and fail to see and taste them in "live"."
Was flipping through the Works of Kukai and other books on Shingon Buddhism. The founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kukai, was into anatta and total exertion. Sent some excerpts to Thusness and he too said "Yes. Total exertion.", "Yes, Kukai's expression is good."

It should be noted that Li or Ri (理) is better translated as 'Principle' than 'Noumenon'. 

"Although mind is distinguished from form, they share the same nature. Form is mind, mind is forms. They interfuse with one another without difficulty. Therefore, knowing is the objects of knowledge, and the objects, knowing. Knowing is reality, reality knowing."

- Kūkai