Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani

-- I bought this book from a neighbourhood bookstore and have only glanced through it. Would recommend it. Not about Buddhism, anatta or emptiness, rather it is about a fascinating account of how someone got stage 4 cancer, died, had NDE (near death experience) and paranormal experiences such as accurately witnessing and being aware of what was said in other rooms and locations, entering other realms and visiting dead relatives, realized I AMness during the NDE, came back alive and was in a PCE-like state afterwards, and talked about how she healed herself (from stage 4 cancer to cancer being undetectable in 2 weeks) with cosmic energy (similar to Reiki), etc etc. Like I said I have only glanced through but it is quite fascinating that I bought it.

This is a New York Times Bestseller book.

Oh I also bought the Chinese version for my mom. I know she will like it.

Someone I know recently asked me for a suitable meditation method as that person is experiencing chronic pain and mindfulness of breathing and body have caused more awareness of that pain that is hard to bear. Although an advanced practitioner may choose to remain mindful of pain until one experiences a state of transcendence devoid of duality and fabrications, I do not think it is a suitable advice for beginners.

For someone with such conditions as chronic pain (and even those without may choose to practice this), I recommend that they practice Awareness Watching Awareness. Turn your attention away from body, mind and world towards Awareness being aware of itself as I AM alone. John Tan (Thusness) confirmed with me that this method is suitable for the person.

Basically, if one sense door is not suitable (say, bodily sensation) you may need to choose another sense door. The I AM door is the subtlest mind of clear light, formless and unperturbed by the pain and afflictions of other sense doors. It is therefore a suitable candidate for meditation and contemplation, for realization and developing mental stillness and stability.

Told that person to read this and get this book:



This is also similar to the “turning the radiance around” of Shurangama Sutra and Zen Master Chinul, et al.